Abraham Lincoln Tour

photo 1 (5)I apologize, I left off at Hannibal on my path to Abraham Lincoln in Springfield, IL. I found the Lincoln Site wonderful. The National Parks Service has restored several period homes around the Lincoln home. they also added a Visitor’s Center. This link will take you to photos of the site.

The home is walking distance from downtown and the old state capitol. Well not an easy short walk, but I bet it was walked a lot. The new state capitol is beautiful. This is a shot of the dome from the inside. It was interesting to see a statute of Richard Daley across the rotunda from Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant.

photo 2 (3)I found the Lincoln Tomb an interesting destination. I had forgotten this was in Springfield. There I am trying to do a selfie.

The tomb was once the site of a plot to steal Lincoln’s body.  photo 4 (2)

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