Abraham Lincoln tour

MarcelineRecently, I did a 4 day motorcycle trip to visit Springfield, Illinois. I wanted to see the Lincoln historic sites. The trip across Missouri 36 Highway was great. I stopped in Marceline, Missouri, birthplace and boyhood home of Walt Disney.  

I will continue on to Hannibal, Missouri where I can get off this motorcycle for a while. I am thinking a lunch next to the Mississippi River. As a kid, I loved Tom photo 4 (3)Sawyer and even tried to live my life like Twain depicted. I talked two friends into skipping school and going to the local creek to fish and smoke cigarettes when we were in the third grade. A small town being what it is, found the teachers noticed three friends did not attend school this day. Soon, the posse was out searching. The guy that found us gave us a ride back to town on his tractor. He issued dire warnings of Reform School in our future.

Credit Disney photos to Barbara Winneman. I snagged those from the internet.


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