Captain John Stewart -The Fighting Preacher

The “fighting preacher” Rev. Stewart was a very colorful and complex Abolitionist. To begin with, like Dr. Doy, he was born in England in 1818 and we can presume he spoke with an English accent. I can imagine how border ruffians reacted to a man with an English accent.  He died in 1895 in Perrysburg, Ohio, Wood County, and is buried in the Fort Meigs Cemetery.

This photo of him is cropped from the famous DeLea photo of the Immortal 10 and is the only photo I have ever seen. He had been a Methodist preacher in North Salem, New Hampshire and came west with the early Emigrant Aid parties to keep Kansas free from slavery. He soon became very controversial among both abolitionists and border ruffians because he was involved in stealing livestock from slave farmers in Missouri. He lived on a farm on the south bank of the Wakarusa River. This is about 5 miles south and a little west from Lawrence, Kansas.

An interesting way to learn more about him is to read Todd Midfeldt’s book, Wagon Train To Freedom.

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