Clarina Nichols

I find that many Underground Railroad supporters  moved from abolition to the women’s suffrage movement of the late 1800s. The life of UGRR Conductor and Stationmaster Clarina Nichols is a good example of that story. Click here to read a bit about her life at the Territorial Kansas online website. Nichols and John Walden published a short lived abolitionist newspaper called the Quindaro Chindowan. Clarina Nichols left a letter telling about how she hid a Freedom Seeker named Caroline in her empty cistern. Ms. Nichols had information that Caroline’s slave master and other slave hunters were camped in what is now Quindaro Park. She fully expected them to raid her house in search of Caroline. Within a short time,  Ms. Nichols was able to get Caroline on the road north to freedom.

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