Kansas Women and the Underground Railroad

“In 1860 I was arrested with several of my neighbors, among them a Congregational clergyman and his wife, his deacon and wife, a Notary Public, and an ex-Probate judge, for kidnapping neighbor D’s children. As a matter of fact, we had aided the mother in recovering her little ones from the clutch of a husband who had lived for years on the earnings of her needle, beaten her once to death’s door, finally choked her to insensibility, and thrust her out of doors, throwing her clothes after her.”—Clarina Nichols

My film features a couple of stories from Clarina Nichols helping on the Underground Railroad. She was also a Kansas social activist working against abuse of women and children and in support of women’s rights. Diane Eickhoff has written a critically acclaimed biography titled,  (click on title to read a sample chapter)  Revolutionary Heart. Ms. Eickhoff uses quotes from Ms. Nichols own writings to help tell her story.

Ms. Eickhoff published a companion teachers guide. I am now selling this book in my website store for $9.95.

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