Travel the Underground Railroad

This page is dedicated to helping the modern Underground Railroad traveler find the safest path, trusty and knowledgeable conductors and secure stations along their path to freedom. I recently had a conversation with children’s books author and illustrator, Shane Evans.  He pointed out that we are all on our own secret path to freedom. Just click on each link to find the GPS coordinates for the path, information about the surrounding area and the best conductors and stations along this route to freedom. To date we have two locations closest to the slave state of Missouri. So, imagine you have escaped from a Platte County slave farm on the grounds of the MCI airport. You may be staying out of sight and walking south to the Missouri River. You have been to Parkville and know the River current will take you across the river to Quindaro, Kansas. You have heard your slave master complain about those damned Abolitionists in Quindaro. You do not know what an Abolitionist means other than they help slaves escape.

Quindaro UGRR Stop # 1

Quindaro UGRR Stop #2

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