Geocache the Underground Railroad

I am starting a project to establish a series of Geocaches at or close to Underground Railroad sites. I will start in Bates County, Missouri. and work north because this is the route that John Brown took after his raid on the three Missouri slave farms. John Brown stopped at every major Underground Railroad station from Missouri to Canada on this trip.

Geocaching is a game that incorporates new technology (e.g. smart phones, gps, apps). This is a real life treasure hunt enjoyed by millions worldwide. Volunteers obtain weatherproof containers and stock them with trinkets and a log book and pencil. These containers are hidden in secret locationsphoto 1 accessible to the public. The gps coordinates are transmitted to the international website. The geocacher can access a database of container locations via their smart phone app. geocaching is a fun family activity. Click here for more information.

I noticed that the Santa Fe Trail had a GeoTour with caches planted along the Trail. I realized this is a  wonderful method of creating new interest in the Underground Railroad. I will purchase the containers and contents and with some help, place them at well known Underground Railroad sites. photo 2I am thinking I will enclose a laminated map with some information about the Underground Railroad in each container.

If you want to help or have any ideas that may help contact me at or

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