Geocache the Western Underground Railroad

Lane Trail Map websiteLane trail 2 websiteI am composing my Kickstarter campaign page. Click on the word Kickstarter  to get a preview of my campaign page. If you have any feedback please contact me.  I would appreciate some feedback on my page and my request. I don’t know anybody that does not like  the idea of placing a series of hidden geocaches either at or close to Underground Railroad sites. What I don’t know is how many people will donate some money to help make this happen. Just to get to this point of creating the Kickstarter page, I have spent about 7-8 hours. I asked Melissa Gard to help. Melissa is experienced in geocaching. I know where I want to place the  8-10 geocaches. We are going to place one in the Quindaro area soon, whether this gets funded or not.

We are required to contact property owners to get permission. We will buy weatherproof containers, work with the International Geocache organization to list this as a GeoTour on their website and install the caches. We  will pay for the incentives we are giving away for the different levels of participation. Melissa and I will pay ourselves for our time. If the Kickstarter campaign falls short of our $4,000.00 goal, we will  not receive any money from Kickstarter and nobody will be charged for their donation. If I cannot make my goal, I will have to  abandon the project. If anybody has good contacts with the Kansas State Tourism people, I need a contact. Also, I need contacts with Chamber of Commerce or tourism folks in Mound City, Lawrence, Topeka, Holton and Sabetha. I have a good contact in Nebraska.  This GeoTour will bring folks from all over the country to go up the Underground Railroad. Click here for a video telling about the effect of one such GeoTour. Once we get this GeoTour up and going, the millions of Geocaching enthusiasts worldwide will know about the Western Underground Railroad GeoTour.

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