Underground Railroad in New England

I have been making contacts with Underground Railroad and abolitionist museums and historic sites in the New England area. I sent out several copies of Freedom Seekers and my John Brown book. The  feedback has been positive. I am trying to get some screenings and book signings scheduled. I need to do several in a short period of time. I have some relatives in Boston to stay with to keep the expenses down.  The first one I contacted was the Gerrit Smith Historic Landmark in New York State.  They were really interested in the western UGRR. Gerrit Smith was a member of the Secret 6 and financial supporter of John Brown. As a matter of fact, Gerrit Smith and the Secret 6 had lost some faith in John Brown in 1858. After the word got out about his successful raid on the Missouri farms and trip to Canada with the 11 Freedom Seekers, Eastern abolitionist regained that faith. I tell that story in my book, John Brown and the Last Train.

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