Immortal 10 Charles Doy

Charles Doy had followed his father, Dr. John Doy, out from Rochester, New York in 1854. He claimed 160 acres adjoining his father’s farm just outside of Lawrence, Kansas. In January of 1859, he accompanied his father and 13 freedom seekers north along the Underground Railroad from Lawrence, Kansas. Their intention was to get to Civil Bend, Iowa and turn the Freedom Seekers over to Iowa abolitionists for transport on to Chicago or some other place of safety. As they traveled toward the first Underground Railroad stop at Holton, Kansas, a Missouri posse caught up with them around Oskaloosa, Kansas. They were  taken to jail in Weston and then Platte City, Missouri. They were to be tried in St. Joseph but the prosecutor decided to not prosecute Charles and he was freed. The 25 year old Charles returned to Lawrence and joined with the Immortal 10 to free his father several months later.

In 1860, Dr. Doy had returned east and was giving lectures about Kansas and Charles Doy was living on his farm. A band of pro-slavery ruffians accused him of horse stealing. Charles had invested in town lots in Moneka (close to present day Mound City) and was visiting there. These border ruffians found him and surrounded the house where he was staying. They called for him to come out and and ran out and was shot in the leg. Charles escaped but was later found by the mob. He and a man named Henry Waffles were killed by these same men. Charles Doy was one of the only members of the original Immortal 10 who received punishment by the Missouri border ruffians.


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