Immortal 10 Series

Sorry I have been away from blogging for a while. I got busy on my next film as well as earning some money as a lawyer to finance that film. I am going to do a series on the Immortal 10 and the rescue of Dr. John Doy. As I have reported before, each of those ten men had their own story to tell. Today, I am posting a copy of an article at the time from the St. Joseph newspaper, The Gazette.

I put the below newspaper article  in at a large size so you could read the language. I will not make a comment, as the language speaks for itself. Forward this series on to your friends. I want everybody to know the story of the Immortal 10. Judy Sweets of Lawrence is an area expert on this story.






































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  1. Enjoyed seeing the article. Brings history, alive ,reflects the emotion envolved from each side. Not unlike todays struggle for rights of our people.

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