Immortal 10 – Slaves fate

One question that is often asked.What happened to the eight men, three women and two children  captured with Dr. Doy? Richard B Sheridan in Freedom’s Crucible: The  Underground Railroad in Lawrence and Douglas County,Kansas, 1854-1865 states that in The Narrative of Dr. John Doy, of Lawrence Kansas, Dr. Doy supplied some information. Well known slave thieves and bounty hunters, Jake Hurd and George Robbins, were heard to tell three of the Freedom Seekers,“They had  better chose their masters as the others had done,and not  get into any more trouble.” When they answered that they had never been slaves and people could come and bring proof, Hurd replied,“You are nothing but damned niggers!” After this Doy was informed that all his Freedom Seekers were forced to choose their masters or were  sold down South.

Author James Morgans, The Underground Railroad on the Western Frontier, reports that often slaves escaping from particularly brutal slave masters would not reveal that master’s name in order to be sold to a different master. They hoped that the next master would not be so cruel. This could save their lives, as they knew remaining or being returned to the cruel slave master would end in a premature death. Some slaves ran away with no more intention than to find another slave master in order to save their own life.  Now this is truly choosing between the lesser of two evils.

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