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James Abbott was the acknowledged leader of the Immortal 10. Later in his life he wrote about the rescue of Dr. Doy for the Kansas State Historical Society. This account can be found in Richard B. Sheridan’s Freedom’s Crucible: The Underground Railroad in Lawrence and Douglas County Kansas 1854-1865. Major Abbott reports that they found a free state supporter named Dr. Edwin Grant in St. Joe. Major Abbott and Mr. S.H. Willes entered St. Joe together early to scout out the lay of the land. Major Abbot aid he remembered there was a free state paper called the St. Joe Democrat ran by Dr. Grant. They visited him in his office. Major Abbott said he expressed interest in the paper and then said, “I hear they have a man from Lawrence in the county jail.” Dr. Grant said there was a man arrested for slave stealing and that he had visited him many times. With that, Major Abbott figured he could trust Dr. Grant. He revealed the real reason he was in St. Joseph. Dr. Grant agreed to help in any manner he could. When told of the plan, Dr. Grant said that any new prisoners were first taken to the city jail and not directly to the county jail. They did learn that there was only one jailer at  night. The immortal 10 abandoned the first plan to pretend they were depositing an arrest at night to gain entrance. They decided to get chisels and  hammers to break in.

They sent Dr. Grant over to Elmwood tell some supporters to have boats at the river front the next night. The remainder of the Immortal 10 were scouting out escape routes to the river front. Silas Soule was sent inside the jail claiming to have message for Dr. Doy from his wife. When Soule returned, he advised that it would take 2 hours of unmolested work to break into the jail. They went back the the original plan.

I could find no information with an internet search about the free state paper  in St. Joe nor Dr. Edwin Grant.


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  1. Last wek you asked about an ugrr site in Missouri..check out NEVADA MO slaves passed through there and followed the old Sak & Fox trail up old historical pubiction mentioned this in foot notes..I have article in old files

  2. Found it 10 or more years.ago did copy the page not much info I think it mentioned a name of person..conductor My stuff is packed away and I am not too mobile. I have thousands of documents but I think I might find it I know its in a file marked ugrr/ sak /Fox Im curious.which box ha.will try.

  3. FOULD IT. IT AWAS LAMAR MO TO CIVIL BEND mentions George W. LOGAN CAME TO MISSOURI LOVEJOY PARTY 1847 FIRST then in 1852 made treaty with Indians He and 11 othrs were assigned the Ugrr duty between.Lamar andCivil Bend…This is in foot notes page 352 in a KSHS PUBLICATION”SAUKS and Foxes in FRANKLIN AND Osage county Written by Mrs Ida M.Ferris of osage city. This is a large publication includes mentio of Charles Leonhardt and his personal interview as to the massacure. WOULD .BE AVAILABLE AT KSHS Hope this helps.

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