Immortal 10 – Weston Missouri

My book, The Immortal 10 tells the story of an John Doy, an Underground Railroad Conductor, his capture and subsequent incarceration and trial. One of the Freedom Seekers captured with Dr. Doy was known as Slave Dick. He had escaped from Benjamin Wood, the mayor of Weston, Missouri. For jurisdictional reasons, the only slave Dr. Doy was charged with stealing was the Slave Dick. When Dr. Doy and his son were captured by the well known slave hunter Jacob Hurd and his gang, they were taken to Weston. A Weston mob threatened  to hang them. They were subsequently taken to Platte City, Missouri. This would have been a normal transfer because Platte City was the County Seat and the place where any trial would have been held. In an ironic twist, it is reported that while in Weston, Dr. Doy was told to eat with the Freedom Seekers and he refused to eat with the slaves. Dr. Doy reportedly believed he gained respect from his captors for his refusal.

Weston was home to Buffalo Bill Cody when he was a child. In an ironic twist,  his father, Issac Cody, was stabbed for giving an anti-slavery speech while in Weston. His uncle, Elijah Cody, lived at 600 Main St. in Weston. Members of the Cody family are buried at Weston. Click here to locate cemetery. 

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