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The second and final installment in the Kansas Public Radio, 96.1, series on the Underground Railroad along the Missouri/Kansas border. To listen, click on “read more” in email and go to website and then click on the highlighted text.

Kansas Public Radio 91.5 broadcast a program on the Underground Railroad. Dr. Bill Wagnon, Judy Sweets, myself and others are interviewed. Click on highlighted text to listen. The second installment will be Friday morning, 3-30-12 at 6:33 and 8:33 AM.

Matt Kelly, Nebraska Radio Network, reports, “Film touts slaves’ Underground Railroad that tracked through Nebraska.” Click on highlighted text to read entire article.

Lisa Derrick,; Gary Jenkins, who brought us Negroes to Hire, joins us again tonight with another compelling and carefully crafted documentary about Kansas, slavery and the Civil War. With Freedom Seekers: Stories from the Western Underground Railroad, Jenkins traces the history of “Bloody Kansas,” and its place in the abolitionist movement. The Kansas Territory was key in the balance of the states before the Civil War, as neighboring Missouri was a slave state, bordered by two free states, Illinois and Iowa.

Robert Butler, KC film critic, likes Freedom Seekers see archive of Up To Date for Friday February 3, 2012.

KMBC anchor Donna Pittman interviews Gary Jenkins about his film, Negroes to Hire.


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