James Patrick Morgans

If you have seen my film, Freedom Seekers: Stories From the Western underground Railroad, then you may remember the man who said that Harriet Tubman was a great woman but her rescues were about 90 miles from Maryland to Philadelphia, while out West the trip to safety for Freedom Seekers was about 600 miles. This was  my friend and fellow UGRR traveler, Jim Morgans. I am sad to report he died this week. He was a great man and scholar. Click here for his obituary.

The following is a tribute written by Doug Jones from the Iowa Underground Railroad program. I echo his sentiments.

James was a Historian and Author.  Among his historical interests, he had been researching and documenting Abolitionist and Underground Railroad Activities in Iowa and throughout the Midwest.  He wrote three books on the topic of Underground Railroad and Abolitionists, two of which focus on Rev. John Todd and the events at John toddTabor, Iowa during the 1850s through the end of the Civil War. James worked very closely with the Tabor Historical Society and was a frequent contributor of articles for their newsletter.  He was a co-preparer with Chuck and Kathy Douglass and Wanda Ewalt (Tabor Historical Society) of the Tabor Cemetery NPS Network to Freedom Nomination which was submitted to the NPS in 2011 and was accepted by the NPS.   James was always a lot of fun to visit with, very personable, and very passionate about history in general.  He will be truly missed.  I would like to extend my condolences to his family.

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  1. I’m so sorry to hear about Jim Morgans. He was such a nice fellow and had a contagious enthusiasm for this important history.

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