John Brown

My Western Underground Railroad app follows the 1859 trip up the Underground Railroad north with 11, soon to be 12, Freedom Seekers. After liberating 11 persons Web Wanted Posterheld in bondage by Missouri Slavemasters, John Brown traveled north toward Canada. A baby was born to Jim Daniels and his wife, Narcissa. After receiving help and shelter by Kansas, Iowa and Illinois UGRR participants, the little group arrives in Detroit, Michigan. I did not have any information about who helped them across the Detroit River to Canada. I started reaching out to Detroit area historians.

I found Kim Simmons and she reported this party arrived in Detroit on March 12, 1859. They would have been hidden in the William Webb home, 633 E. Congress St. Unfortunately, this famous location was torn down in the 1960s. This home was also the meeting placeLane Trail Map website between Frederick Douglas and John Brown. At this meeting, John Brown tried to convince Frederick Douglas to join him in his raid on the Federal Armory in Harper’s Ferry, Va.

In an ironic twist, Ms. Simmons is a descendant of another Missouri Freedom Seeker named, Caroline Quarlls. A cousin of Ms. Quarlls, Lewis Leary, died at Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry.


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