John Brown and The Last Train

As a companion piece to my documentary Freedom Seekers Stories From the Western Underground Railroad, I authored a book about John Brown’s last action in Kansas. This raid was actually a diversion from his real target, Harpers Ferry. In December of 1858, John Brown had entered into the Sugar Mound Peace Agreement. He and other Kansans signed an agreement with Missourians to not enter into any more hostilities.  He was camped out on the Little Osage when he received a report of a plea for help from a Bates County Missouri Slave named Jim Daniels. Mr. Daniels was afraid he and his family were to be sold off and parted forever. Mr. Daniels’ wife, Narcissa Daniels, was pregnant at the time. John Brown and his men rode to their rescue. John Brown and his men escorted the Freedom Seekers north stopping at all the Underground Railroad Stati0ns along the way. A Missouri Posse found them close to Horton, Kansas and they fought the Battle of the Spurs. This raid on three Missouri slave farms was the beginning of a 3 month odyssey up the Lane Trail through Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois and Michigan to freedom in Canada.

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    1. The records and stories I found named a James Lawrence of Bates County Missouri as the owner. The story was he died and they would have passed as property of the estate to his daughter who was married to a Harvey Hicklin. The name Narcissa is less unsure than that of Jim Daniels.
      Here is a link to an interview of Sam Harper who was part of the freed slaves on this trip.

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