Joshua Pike and the Immortal 10

Joshua A. Pike was one of the less well known members of the Immortal 10. He was born in 1832 at Westboro Mass. and died in 1922 in Kansas. He trained as a shoemaker and purportedly made the first pair of

Joshua Pike

boots in Lawrence, Kansas. He was 24 years of age when he arrived in Lawrence in what was known as the “third party” of New England emigrants. He was engaged in shoe repair, farming and law enforcement in Lawrence.

After the Civil War began, soon to be Captain Joshua A. Pike was in various Kansas regiments and patrolled the border area. He captured horse thieves and engaged with border ruffians and performed escorts to Colorado through Indian territory. He was mustered out in 1865 and became the proprietor of the Florence hotel in Florence, Marion County, Kansas in 1870.  He was always active in Republican politics.

It appears he had 4 children Frank, Fred, Jessie (married a Fraser) and Charles.

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