Mount Mitchell: The Western Outpost of the Kansas Underground Railroad

My friend from the Mount Mitchell Heritage Prairie noted that when I was placing geocaches along the Kansas Underground Railroad, I forgot to add  geocaches in that area.  I found a cache located at the Beecher Bible and Rifle church cemetery, click here. I found another geocache at the Homestead site, click here. For a complete education on the importance of Wabaunsee County and the struggle to make Kansas a Free State, click here.

The New England emigrants like Capt. William Mitchell were instrumental in making Kansas a free state and part of that struggle was operating an Underground Railroad. The Mitchell homestead is one of the few structures known to have provided shelter for Freedom Seekers.

Remember the story of Abolitionists hiding Sharpes carbines in boxes marked as bibles? The story of how the church became known as the Beecher and Bible Church is worth the trip out and be sure to hike the prairie as go into Wamego for several museums and great  restaurants. .

Beecher rifle



Wabaunsee County- Beecher Bible and Rifle Church cemetery cache, click here and click here.

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