FREEDOM SEEKERS – DVD We are now taking orders for the 75 minute documentary, Freedom Seeker Stories From the Western underground Railroad and the  companion book, John Brown and the Last Train.

The Documentary tells stories of the dangerous escapes by Missouri slaves held in bondage  and thrilling adventures of Kansas Conductors and Stationmasters. Learn about the undercover activities of William Quantrill, the gun fight at the Wakarusa Valley cabin of Joseph Gardner, The Immortal 10, forged slave passes and many more previously untold stories of the Underground Railroad. See footage of the Quindaro, Kansas ruins where many Freedom Seekers hid in cellars, wells and hidden rooms.

JOHN BROWN AND THE LAST TRAIN – BOOK Gary Jenkins has authored a book based John Brown’s last known action in Missouri before he returned to conduct the raid on Harpers Ferry, VA. John Brown, Henry Kagi and others liberated 11 persons held in bondage. They started for Canada from Missouri in the winter of 1858. One of Brown’s men killed a Missouri slave holder and the chase was on. This trip saw the birth of a baby to a Freedom Seeker, help from some abolitionists, criticism from other abolitionists, a ride on a real railroad, a battle with slave hunters, and help from Allan Pinkerton to get from Chicago to Canada. The author wrote this historical novel in a style calculated to make history entertaining to all readers from age 12 to adult. Jenkins’ book was illustrated by Adam Shaw. Mr. Shaw illustrated the graphic novel Harpe – America’s First Serial Killer.


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