Quindaro Geocache

wyandott-reserveNext week, our first geocache will be placed and enabled to be found via the geocache app on your phone. If you do not have the geocache app, click here.

My geocaching partner, Melissa Gard, and I are planning on hiding a series of geocaches in Quindaro  as part of our Kickstarter campaign to raise money. This money will pay for our expenses to place a series of geocaches along the Underground Railroad from Missouri to Nebraska. We will follow the route taken by John Brown in the winter of 1858-59. Brown liberated 12 Missouri slaves and hit every major Underground Railroad station from Missouri to Canada.

A little known memorial to John Brown stands in Quindaro. The money for this statute was raised by packing plant workers, house maids, chauffeurs, gardeners and other low paid African Americans in 1911. This statue commemorated John Brown and stood at the site of John Brown statute 2Western University, the first school for freed persons west of the Mississippi.

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