The Immortal 10

I have been posting short posts about some men who were part of the Immortal 10 from Lawrence Kansas. If you did not know about this story, don’t feel bad, I didn’t either until one night as I was leaving one of my first screenings of my film on Missouri slave life, Negroes To Hire. A man approached me and asked if I would ever tell the story of the Immortal 10. I confessed my ignorance and he simply said, “Look into it.” I did and found a great story. So great a tale that I decided to write a book. I am just finishing a book titled, The Immortal 10. This book is based on a memoir, The Narrative of John Doy of Lawrence, Kansas, written in 1860 by the main character, Dr. John Doy. Below is a synopsis of the Immortal 10 story.

In 1859, Jake Hurd and other slave hunters were searching the Lawrence Kansas area and finding free persons of color and escaped slaves. They kidnapped these persons and returned them for sale in the neighboring slave state of Missouri. Lawrence citizens financed Dr. Doy and his son, Charles, to transport 12 of these folks to Iowa. Jake Hurd and a  Missouri posse found them as they drove north. The Missouri posse took the entire Doy party into custody and  returned them to Missouri. The African Americans were sold down South or returned to their slave masters. Dr. Doy and his son were held in Platte City, Missouri for several months and then tried for slave stealing in St. Joseph, Missouri. I don’t want to give away the exciting ending so lets just say that the Immortal 10 got their name for one brave raid into St. Joseph.




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