The Rescue of Dr. John Doy

In December, 1858, U.S. Marshals and other slave hunters were making repeated attempts to capture both free and fugitive African-Americans slaves who had sought shelter in Lawrence, Kansas. An English Immigrant named Dr. John Doy and his son, Charles Doy,  gathered up a wagon load of Freedom Seekers and started north. They were to join John Brown’s Brigade and 11 Freedom Seekers from Missouri slave farms around Holton, Kansas.  A Missouri posse led by the U.S. Marshall found the Doy party and arrested the father and son outside Oskaloosa, Kansas. They were returned to Missouri where the Freedom Seekers were sold back into slavery.  After a trial, Charles Doy was found not guilty and Dr. John Doy was found guilty. Just before he was to be transported from the St. Joseph, Missouri jail to the state penitentiary, 10 Kansans rode into fame. The party who rescued Dr. Doy and returned him to Lawrence became known as the Immortal 10.

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