Underground Railroad in Missouri

Our friend Dee Puff found a reference to a George W. Logan and an Underground Railroad route from Lamar Missouri to Civil Bend Iowa in a Kansas State Historical society publication. Here is the excerpt:

“George W. Logan first came in 1852 to the Sauks and Foxes of the Missouri who still live on the State Line between Kansas and Nebraska. Previous to this he had joined “the army of invasion” organized by Owen Lovejoy and other abolitionist for the purpose of destroying slavery.  As a member of that order, he was assigned to border duty and went to Civil Bend Iowa from which place he examined both sides of the River to Lamar, Missouri . . .He was forced to operate, with eleven others assigned to that territory, in working on an underground railway from Lamar to Civil Bend. When this route was laid out on the east side of the river, he returned to Illinois and was married the 30th of December, 1852 to Miss Ann Eliza Keathley at Sand Prairie, Cass county Illinois at the home of Perry Fuller and returned west with his wife to Atchison county, Missouri, where they lived in an abandoned house built by fur traders on the bank of the Missouri, living there for one year. He lived on the border from 1852 to 1857.”

I found Owen Lovejoy was a brother to Elijah Lovejoy who was murdered by a pro-slavery mob in Alton, Illinois in 837. This incident radicalized many early abolitionists. Owen Lovejoy was a lawyer, Congregationalist minister and an early Republican congressman from Illinois. He was  a “conductor” on the Underground Railroad.





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