Wakarusa Valley Heritage Museum

Take a day trip to Clinton Lake this weekend and visit Martha Parker and the Wakarusa Valley Heritage Museum. The Wakarusa Valley was home to several Underground Railroad supporters like  the Rev. John Stewart, “the Fighting Preacher,” Henry Hiatt, Joseph Gardner and others. I note on their website, the museum is hosting a music program on September 8, 2012 and a historical tour of the area on September, 28, 2012. The Freedom Seeker, Napoleon Simpson, is thought to be buried in an unmarked grave on the museum grounds. The museum was built on the shores of Clinton Lake in an area where the original town of Bloomington was located. Bloomington was a town built by Freedmen after the Civil War. Jimmy Johnson’s great grandfather, George Washington, had a farm in this area. Mr. Washington was a successful farmer and prominent citizen in the Valley.

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